2020 was quite a year, eh? The final months unravelled like a booby-trapped Matryoshka doll for me. Every day revealed an unexpected aspect of reproductive health. The emotional and physical impact of fibroids felt like falling asleep, slow at first, then all at once. As if my body became hijacked over night.

I’m sharing my rearview mirror, my hindsight, to raise awareness on a topic I wish more people talked about. Reproductive health.

Fibroids affects up to 80% of women during their reproductive lifetime

Over the years I’ve found women’s reproductive health to be such a vague topic. It has a palpable unease, a stigma. And yet, fibroids have been the…

The best experiences elevate the mundane to the joyous.

It emerges between that obscure fissure of efficiency and extra elbow grease; without rationalising it people can sense that scintilla of love teams put into products.

One of the best examples possessing this type of harmony is Virgin America’s slick, bespoke booking process. It’s focused, simple and beautiful. A total rewrite of the traditional potpourri of agonising form fields and date pickers of yore.

Their UX is like the Stradivarius of the online booking world. It plays a classic tune quite like no other.

Lets say I am booking a debaucherous New Years in Las Vegas. A beat after I’ve confirmed my journey, the sticky purple header nonchalantly quips “Repent before you land in Sin city”.

Thunderbirds are go! Credit


Jasmine Meijer

Making the web dance @Farfetch. Senior Product Designer and brunch connoisseur. London via Aotearoa.

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